Michael Hall is the pseudonym of a member of the Church of Christ who would like to have the ideas presented on the blog to be evaluated on their own merits, away from the distractions of the person and personality presenting them.  Michael is deeply concerned about the future of the Church of Christ, and Michael only wants what is best for her.  Michael’s postings will likely be quite controversial, and so the person behind Michael has deemed it best to let the ideas, facts, and logic of the posts speak for themselves.  Ad hominems are for cowards and liars.

Please also note that advocacy is not proof of acceptance, belief, or practice.  This blog is intended to pick fights with certain beliefs, practices, and ways of thinking.  These attacks are not intended to be personal; they are meant to challenge people’s thinking.  Again, assertions made on this blog ARE NOT EVIDENCE that I believe or practice something, and should not be assumed as such.  I have no issue with playing the Devil’s advocate in the pursuit of truth, so attempting to infer my actual beliefs and practices from what is written on this blog is a fool’s errand.

I do not answer personal questions, for they are irrelevant to the purpose of the blog.  You do not need to know the man behind the mask in order to determine the validity of his assertions.