1. This is my blog.  I will decide which comments will be allowed, and to what extent they will be allowed.  I do not owe anyone an opportunity to comment, or to let their voice be heard.  If you want to be heard, get your own blog.

2. Ad hominem attacks will not be permitted.  If you attack anyone for any reason, your comment will be deleted.  It is possible to address the logical fallacies and factuality of an assertion without attacking someone.  I know because I have done it.  If you cannot do likewise, do not comment here.

3.   I can delete any comment for any reason.  I do not have to justify my actions to anyone, save God.  By way of reminder, you are not God.

4.  If you do decide to comment, please by thoughtful, polite, and logical.  If you are going to reference the Bible, please link to the appropriate verse (there is an exception for well-known verses, like John 3:16).  Bible Gateway is a wonderful site for this purpose.  If you make factual assertions, please be prepared to link to evidence supporting them.

5.  If you are asked to link to evidence, or are asked to make a formal argument (by use of syllogisms), you will need to comply.  If you do not, you will not be allowed to comment on the blog.

5b.  The only evidence that is accepted on this blog is proof of fact (i.e. evidence that proves factual assertions) and the Bible (please link to the relevant verses on one of the many Bible websites that exist.  The ASV, KJV, NKJV, ESV, and NASB are the only accepted versions).  In general, quoting a commentary, or some brother’s comments on the meaning of a passage is frowned upon for the very simple reason that they are not inspired by the Holy Spirit. Referencing Thayer’s and Vine’s, though, is permitted, since using the same terms and definitions is essential to having a productive debate.

6. Do not ask personal questions.  I will not answer them, and will delete any and all comments that contain them.